I’m so excited to announce the publication of a juvenile fiction book that I’ve written!   Gonalls is about a 12 year old kid who finds a mysterious, cuddly little mammal in the underbrush near his Colorado home.  Ian Roach (who hates getting teased and sometimes bullied about his last name) has always wanted a dog – and this sweet little animal is the next best thing.

The problem is – he doesn’t know what it IS. The animal appears harmless enough – so he takes it home and begs his mom to let him keep it.  When she relents, Ian’s adventures with Max (short for Mystery Animal Extraordinaire) begins.

I wrote this story because, as a 4th grade teacher, I struggled to find age-appropriate books that boys would like.  I wanted to write something that an 8-14 year old boy could read and enjoy.  There were a LOT of “girl” books (and Gonalls was enjoyed by the girls in my class, too), but there weren’t many “boy” books that could hook a reluctant reader into the world of fiction. The book was finished in the spring of 2003, and I read it out loud to my 4th grade class each day after lunch.  They drew “comprehension pictures” from the book – and it was fun to watch their renditions of what a “Gonall” looked like based upon the description in the story!

The kids begged me to have it published – but I ran out of time…being a busy mom and a busy wife and a busy teacher got in the way of negotiating the maze and lengthy waiting of the traditional publication process. I’ve stayed in touch with my students who have heard me read Gonalls out loud to them – and they STILL ask about the story, and tell me it was one of their favorites that they’ve heard.  So finally – finally…here it is!!!

The Kindle version is available at Amazon.  It’s for sale for just .99 so that everyone can afford to read it! If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle reader for free right onto your laptop or your desktop computer! I’d love some reviews of this children’s story on Amazon.com so that other readers can discover this book as well!

A paperback version of Gonalls is available on Amazon, too.  It’s the perfect size for holding with one hand while cuddling an avid listener with your other arm.

Thank you so much for being on my website and reading this information!  I look forward to you reading Gonalls, and purchasing copies for your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, relatives, and friends with kids!!!  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!